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Handling the business.

You've picked your bench top, taps and cabinetry colour. It's been relatively smooth going and with minimal differences of opinions ... but there's something missing. A piece of the puzzle that adds the finishing touches to your highly anticipated space.

Settling on the cabinetry hardware seems to be the nigglyist part of the design process!

This is why we started Good Graft.

We are a hardware manufacturer from Taranaki, New Zealand creating space-transforming kitchen and cabinetry handles.

We are industrial and kitchen designers who were disappointed with the variety of affordable handles available on the market. Our solution - make functional, innovative, and great looking handles for the right price.

A commitment to quality underpins our production process. We use premium materials, with up to a 10-years warranty.

Whether you need handles for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, Good Graft has got you covered.